• SimChop

    Traditional volumetric simulations often require immense rendering times, hindering their application in real-time graphics. We've devised methods to minimize computations, allowing more effective geometry interaction.

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  • Meta Shaders

    We have created a technique for projecting geometry on to geometry using planar graphs, which we call Meta Shaders. This allows for images to be animated by controlling their position in a vertex shader, and gives the shader SVG like properties such as infinite zoom.

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  • Wave Function Collapse

    The wave function collapse algorithm is a powerful tool, but it often faces the challenge of no solution due to restrictive adjacency matrices. Our novel approach integrates AI image inpainting to overcome these constraints.

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  • Digraph Colouring

    We've explored multiple definitions of local injectivity for a homomorphism of an oriented graph G to an oriented graph H. The result is a set of locally-injective oriented colouring problems with a clear dichotomy theorem.

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