Graphics & AI Curriculum

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive 6-month mentorship that offers expertise in computer graphics, AI, shader programming, and research. Undertake real-world projects, publish papers, and hone vital soft skills for a successful future.

Full Curriculum

Core Instruction

Build solid foundations in both computer graphics and artificial intelligence, cornerstones of various fields such as game development, VFX, and AI.

Collaborate With Scientists

Experience collaboration on large-scale projects. Engage with researchers and contribute to innovative features in extensive open-source projects with Unbounded Research and Development.

Publish Research

Launch into academic research and leave your mark on the scientific community. Develop and publish an academic paper under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Free Trial Graphics Program

Deepen your understanding of computer graphics and shader programming through our 1-month mentorship program. Learn advanced techniques and explore the academic landscape of computer graphics science.

Core Instruction

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Gain fundamental insights into the world of computer graphics. The concepts explored here are pivotal in various fields such as game development and VFX.

Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp the essence and function of computer graphics in computer science
  • Design and analyze shaders


    Custom rendered 3D scene project