About Us

At Unbounded Research and Development, we're at the forefront of GPU expertise and innovation. Led by Dr. Russell Campbell, our team is driven to optimize GPU architecture and lead the next generation of GPU programmers.

High Performance Computing

Our team has an extensive background in graph algorithms research and GPU programming. This alignment of skills uniquely positions our team to develop customized solutions for GPU architecture used in HPC data centers.

Graphics Researchers

Dr. Campbell is a distinguished speaker at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Technical Artist Summit and a leading voice in the graphics industry, whose insights drives our Innovation Lab mentorship program. Guided by his expertise, we are continually investigating new techniques, algorithms, and tools, ensuring we remain at the industry's forefront.

Dr. Russell Campell

Dr. Russell Campbell

As a dedicated computer scientist, educator, and founder of Unbounded Research and Development, Dr. Russell Campbell is passionate about driving innovation in graphics and digital media. Holding a position as a Computer Science Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley, he also enjoys independent game development, graph algorithms, and teaching programming.

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